How to avoid headaches in the future with a good contract

For most people, two things come to mind when the word contracts is mentioned:  binding and boring.  It’s true, spending 18 hours sifting through a double sided 50 page document is not as exciting as say, doing a trial.  It’s still important, and by making sure your contracts are properly reviewed and ironclad you can avoid some of the headaches later on.  Drafting a contract is not a cookie cutter process, and its not something to take lightly.  Many of the problems I see are the result of people who have drafted their own contracts.  A lot of headaches could have been avoided had they consulted with an experienced contracts attorney to work with them to tailor a contract to fit their needs. If you had a toothache and needed to get it taken out, you wouldn’t do it yourself would you? No, you’d go to a dentist. The same applies to contracts. Always make sure you have an attorney draft or review your contracts before signing them.