Facebook Defamation: Woman Must Pay $500,000 For Gossiping Online

Facebook defamation caseNeed a reminder about the dangers of gossiping online? Check out this recent Facebook defamation lawsuit out of North Carolina. A woman is out $500,000 for posting a nasty quip on the social networking site. What’s most striking about the case is that names were never used, but the court still slapped the defendant with a sizable fine.

The Incident: Facebook Gossip Leads To Facebook Defamation

It all came down to one sentence: “I didn’t get drunk and kill my kid.” That’s what a woman, whom we’ll call “Stella,” commented on Facebook about a co-worker, whom we’ll call “Beth.”  Sadly, over twenty years ago, “Beth” lost one of her children in a terrible gun accident involving a neighbor’s child. Drunkenness was not a factor in the incident, and “Beth” wasn’t involved in the fatal catastrophe. But by the time the story had weaseled its way through a gossip swamp, certain people were under the mistaken impression that “Beth” had killed her own child, while drunk. Nevertheless, “Stella” posted the falsity on a public Facebook page.

Understandably outraged by the slight, “Beth” sued over the Facebook defamation — and ultimately, won. The court ordered “Stella” to pony up $500,000 — $250,000 in actual damages, and $250,000 in punitive damages.

U.S. Defamation Laws: The Basic Rules

Because of the First Amendment, United States defamation laws are the most defendant-friendly in the world. To win, plaintiffs must prove more than falsity; they must also convince a judge or jury that their respective defendants:

  • Made a provably false statement of fact;
  • Caused harm by making the statement; and
  • Acted with, at the very least, reckless disregard for the truth; at most, actual malice.

Moreover, different standards apply to different claimants. Believe it or not, “famous” people have to meet a higher burden of proof than “private citizens” to win defamation lawsuits. You can read more about celebrity slander and libel standards, here.

Speak With A Facebook Defamation Lawyer

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