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The Government’s War Against Hackers Rages On

Thirty-five years and one million dollars. That’s what Aaron Swartz faces if convicted on charges brought against him in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts. The technology wunderkind (a member of’s original coding team, at only 14, Swartz cashed out when the site was sold to Conde Nast) is being accused of stealing over Read More

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How To Protect Your Brand From Being Turned Into An XXX Domain

Anti-pornographers and adult-entertainment impresarios, listen up! After years of debate, ICANN approved the creation of a top level .XXX domain class. Don’t click away if you’re against porn, as this announcement is just as important to those who want nothing to do with .xxx domains, as it is to those looking to snatch some up. Read More

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Indiana Man $14.5 Million Dollars Richer After Being Defamed Online By State Farm Insurance

These days, claims of online defamation are as commonplace as the Internet. Nine times out of ten, allegations end up being dismissed, but there are those times when the claimant hits the jackpot. One such lucky winner is Joseph Radcliff, founder of Indiana’ CPM Construction Company. And when I say lucky, I’m talking $14.5 million Read More

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There’s A Legal Rumble Brewing In Michigan

This one is going to be interesting. Michigan’s Cooley Law School and the Kurzan Strauss Law Firm are at each others’ throats. Kurzan Strauss is pursuing a class action lawsuit against the school and the Cooley is accusing Kurzan, and four anonymous bloggers, of defamation. The school is seeking $50,000 in damages and Kurzan Strauss Read More

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Have you heard of Arizona Senate Bill 1467? The bill would forbid school boards from having policies which prohibit students or faculty with CCW permits from lawfully carrying their concealed weapon on campus. I was checking out the blog of David Michael Cantor, criminal attorney, and he brought up a story about a friend of Read More

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Big Box Retailers And The Amazon Tax

It’s past the debate stage: the Internet was a business game-changer. Advancements in technology have forever altered the way we communicate and consume. Some companies and industries have adjusted to keep up with the 21st century technology model; others have fallen by the wayside. And as e-commerce rose, traditional brick-and-mortar retailers experienced the pinch they Read More

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