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Holy Defamation, Batman! RipOff Report Is Gone!

I first noticed it around 7:30 am aftering checking a site I’ve been pushing up in the rankings for a client. I realized that the familiar tagline of RipOffReport wasn’t there at #6; I searched the second page and there it was. So I left it alone. Curious, I came back a few minutes later Read More

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Mid-Year Internet Defamation Roundup

It’s been quite a year for online defamation. The average amount of time spent online seems to be directly proportional to the amount of Internet libel claims. Thanks to the smartphone craze, we’re now plugged-in 24/7, and in the first half of 2011, defamation lawsuits took center stage in court rooms around the world. Let’s Read More

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Google+’s Real Name Standard: Good or Bad?

An associate of mine, Kat, is an Internet-savvy, privacy fanatic who dislikes social-networking with a passion. While she does understand the importance of it for business purposes, when it comes to embracing sites like Facebook, for personal use, Kat stands firmly on the sidelines. It’s become a running joke. I call her a luddite and Read More

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Rep. Boucher Warns Recording Industry That Anti-Copying Measures May Be Illegal

Music industry executives are on a warpath. Their targets: any individual who downloads and streams tunes illegally. To ensure label-friendly laws are passed, industry suits have filled campaign coffers, employed hundreds of lobbyists and actively developed advanced anti-copying technology. But if Rep. Rick Boucher (D-VA) is correct in his analysis, some of the new piracy-deterrent Read More

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Report Reveals BitTorrent Fanatics Are Hollywood’s Best Customers

Movie studio executives are determined to shut-down any and all file-sharing sites. They wring their hands, claim poverty, and consistently push the meme, “movie pirates* and streamers are dirty thieves who cost the film industry millions of dollars!” But according to a representative from well-respected, market-research firm, GfK, “pirates” and “streamers” are Hollywood’s most loyal Read More

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The Government’s War Against Hackers Rages On

Thirty-five years and one million dollars. That’s what Aaron Swartz faces if convicted on charges brought against him in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts. The technology wunderkind (a member of’s original coding team, at only 14, Swartz cashed out when the site was sold to Conde Nast) is being accused of stealing over Read More

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