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Mobile and Online Payment Fraud Is The New Black. What Are You Going To Do About It?

A primer for online and mobile business owners on the current state of payment fraud It’s time to get serious about payment fraud and data protection. 007 serious. Look, digital advancements have changed our world for the better, but they’ve also created more problems – like cyber-crime. Hacking and electronic fraud are now so widespread Read More

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Father In Northern Ireland Moves To Sue Facebook Over Twelve-Year-Old Daughter’s Provocative Profile

What would you do if you came across pornographic pictures of your 12-year-old child on Facebook? A father in Northern Ireland faced said trouble recently – and he’s chosen to go after the social media giant in court. To protect the identity of the naughty daughter, the father’s name was not released. The plaintiff’s counsel, Read More

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Online Defamation On The Rise…Everywhere!

Online defamation is becoming an international epidemic! Politicians over in England and Wales are now looking to inject safeguards into their countries’ defamation legislation, as a means to protect website operators from being intimidation-sued by large corporations with deep pockets. Moreover, parliamentarians hope to provide a more structured way for citizens to get defamatory content Read More

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California’s Attorney-General Isn’t Happy; Harris Announces Huge Lawsuit

Eighteen people in California started this week with a new set of problems. Late last week, on Thursday, August 18, the State’s Attorney General, Kamala Harris, held a press conference and announced plans to move forward with a civil litigation against several law firms, call centers and individuals in the state suspected of allegedly bilking Read More

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Blind Man Sued For Allegedly Downloading Porn

“Tokyo Cougar Creampies” is the adult film that Doe 2,057 was allegedly accused of downloading illegally; the rub is that Doe 2,057 is blind and doesn’t make a point of downloading pornos. “To be honest, it’s a little ridiculous. My movie-watching ability is nonexistent. My kids watch movies, but they are 4 and 6, so Read More

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Authorities Continue To Go After Bittorrent “Burglars”

Head’s up, movie downloaders! Authorities are on another copyright infringement war path, and they’re in search of bittorrent abusers. According to a report by, so far in 2011, over 200,000 people in the United States have been sued for sharing protected materials online. ED2 network users were hit particularly hard — over 1,200 of Read More

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