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blog post about the 2013 ipad security scandal

The iPad Data Security Lawsuit — What’s Next?

A discussion about the CFAA lawsuit involving the iPad 3G bug.

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Extend Certain Legal Rights To Social Robots? What’s Up With That?

Do you think IBM’s WATSON, the super-genius computer who kicked Ken Jennings’ butt on Jeopardy, should be allowed to sue if someone tries to copy the code that informs its artificial intelligence? What about your family roomba, should it be illegal to kick it around? How about DATA from Star Trek TNG, do you think Read More

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The v. Wikimedia Foundation Lawsuit: Forking & Other Things

I was reading the other day on Techdirt, about a war that’s a-brewing in the open source community. In one corner we have the Wikimedia Foundation; in the other, Internet Brands – the company that owns and operates A saga involving volunteer editors, a for-profit wiki site and bombastic court filings, the Wikitravel v. Read More

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Bland v. Roberts: Free Speech And Facebook “Liking”

Below the good ole’ Mason Dixon, at the U.S. District Court, in the Old Dominion state of Virginia, an employment lawsuit ostensibly fit for a modern-day Atticus Finch was recently heard – Bland v. Roberts. The drama involves the Hampton Virginia’s Sheriff’s Department, an election, an incumbent and the firing of several employees. While the Read More

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It’s All About Defame and Fortune

People are people, and boy oh boy what a mélange of misfits and mudslingers we are! Now, I thought I’ve seen it all when it comes to reality television, but never in a million years did I think I’d see the day where we could tune into a half-hour program about Internet defamation. Many have Read More

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FTC Targets Acne App Marketers; First Mobile Medical Case For Commission

Hear that? It’s the sound of thousands of teenagers sighing because the FTC crushed their faith in a popular acne-fighting smartphone app. Last week, much to the dismay of 14,900 pimple-plagued people, Jon Lebowitz and his merry band of trade commissioners announced a consent agreement reached with the operators of “Acne Pwner” and “Acne App.” Read More

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