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What to consider when starting a new business

Starting a new business?  A few things to consider before you dive in. As a child, I stood in awe at the skyscrapers of metal and glass that were home to some of the world’s biggest corporations.  Today, I am equally amazed at the small businesses that are the driving force of our nation’s economy.   Read More

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The Social Responsibility of Business

The CEO of Ford Motor Co., William Ford Jr., once said “A good company delivers excellent products and services, and a great company does all that and strives to make the world a better place”.  As a business owner, I’ve taken that advice to heart.  The actions of myself and my firm are emblematic of Read More

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Bankruptcy in a Nutshell: The Different Types of Bankruptcy

When considering whether to file bankruptcy it is important to take into account all of the options available. For many, the need for and advantages of bankruptcy are obvious. To others, it will be a last resort. As the debts pile up and the creditors hound you, it is important to consider what can be Read More

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Landlord Tenant Law – What you don’t know may cost you

Did you know that an owner of a rental property that lives out of state must have an in-state statutory agent? Arizona Revised States Section 33-1902 requires an out-of-state landlord to have an in-state agent, which is not the same as a “property manager”. A statutory agent is a person or entity that accepts legal Read More

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How to avoid headaches in the future with a good contract

For most people, two things come to mind when the word contracts is mentioned:  binding and boring.  It’s true, spending 18 hours sifting through a double sided 50 page document is not as exciting as say, doing a trial.  It’s still important, and by making sure your contracts are properly reviewed and ironclad you can Read More

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You can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip.

Growing up, I would often hear my parents talk about the financial health of their business.  Although the conversations mostly centered around its success, there were occasions when they discussed some of the problems.  Specifically, clients that owed them money.  It was from these conversations that I learned the hardest part of owning a business, Read More

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