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Social Media Overload: Plugging out the noise

Chris Brogan recently wrote a great article on the social media crash.  In the article he talks about how time and friendship are distorted by the internet.    I know that it is true for me.  Tell me if anyone else’s day goes like this: 1)      Wake up, roll over and get ipad and check Read More

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10 legal issues that every internet marketer needs to know about

1) Make sure you have a written business plan that outlines your goals, timeframe, funding sources, contingency plans, whether Cost Per Action (CPA) advertising is based on click, impression, or sale. 2) Form an Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a C-Corp that elects subchapter S status. 3) For those involved with affiliate marketing, consider placing disclaimers before Read More

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Why I am a lawyer

Up until this point, this blog has remained fairly serious.  I’d like to take a moment, and step outside of that proverbial “technical side of me” shell and be candid about something.  I am often asked whether I like the profession I have chosen.  Today, I can reply without hesitation that yes, I do love Read More

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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and how it applies to an LLC Bankruptcy

Arizona LLC Bankruptcy lawyers The United States Bankruptcy code that deals with Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy is one of the most complicated statutes in American history. Not surprisingly, there are few attorneys that handle these types of cases. Often times our business bankruptcy lawyers receive calls from clients in dire financial straits asking whether a Limited Read More

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Open 24/7: Cloud computing and SaaS law

One of my favorite things is getting a new gadget.  I bought the Apple iPad and the Apple Iphone 4.0 on the day they came out.  Both were inevitable purchases, as I saw how each could make a significant impact in how I stay connected and market my practice.   In fact, I was not Read More

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SaaS Agreements and SaaS Law

SaasY Law: Understanding the legal implications of Software as a Service (SaaS) Software as a Service (SaaS), or sometimes known as cloud computing, has been hailed as the next level of modern software. SaaS offers significant advantages to businesses and consumers alike, both in its cost and ease of use. This article will provide a Read More

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